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Act 22

(dfd88fdf)_x264.mp4 Dark Mercury forms a sword from an icicle and prepares to attack the senshi. Sailor Moon tries to use her healing powers and the...


Act 23

(4da29657)_x264.mp4 Zoisite appears in Mamoru’s apartment, playing the piano and calling him Master Endymion. The Shitennou and Queen Beryl can...


Act 24

(80d0fa60)_x264.mp4 Nephrite attacks Dark Mercury but is stopped Kunzite. In the following battle, Nephrite’s cape is torn. Queen Beryl is...


Act 25

(de8f6305)_x264.mp4 Kunzite smacks Zoisite around for protecting Endymion. Zoisite says he has to interfere if Kunzite keeps trying to kill Mamoru...


Act 26

(95fb6b91)_x264.mp4 Luna tells the story of the Earth and Moon Kingdoms. The Prince of the Earth and Princess of the Moon fell in love. Sailor Venus...


Act 27

(d217a3c8)_x264.mp4 Quick Synopsis Dark Mercury goes to strike the new senshi, but has a flash of remembrance. The other senshi explains that Mercury...


Act 28

(cd56b914)_x264.mp4 Kunzite tries to drag Dark Mercury away from Sailor Moon’s body, but she only crawls back. He teleports all three of them...


Act 29

(db361a90)_x264.mp4 The senshi have a “welcome back” party for Ami. Minako finds out that the new Idol, Kuroki Mio, got a commercial over...


Act 30

(7fdb63f5)_x264.mp4 Mio makes it seem like Usagi abandoned her when the youma came, and her classmates hate her for it. Makoto ignores Motoki’s...


Act 31

(6785754b)_x264.mp4 When Makoto goes to Crown Karaoke, she finds that Motoki has hurt his arm while moving into his new apartment. Makoto says...


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