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Act 12

(xvid_648ed3ab)_x264.mp4 Minako is upset that someone as careless Usagi is Sailor Moon. Usagi realizes her autograph is gone and goes back to...


Act 13

(xvid_70c6c8d5)_x264.mp4 Sailor Venus told the senshi that she has things she must do as the Princess and they should protect the Earth instead of...


Act 14

(3e7e6453)_x264.mp4 Sailor Moon is still suffering from Kunzite’s attack. Queen Beryl tells Kunzite that she had discarded him, but she needs...


Act 15

(d89b0a4c)_x264.mp4 Minako sees that another youma is after here, and Artemis comments that the main target of the enemy appears to be the Princess...


Act 16

(8d1f1182)_x264.mp4 Rei and Ami have to pull Makoto from a youma’s trap. That night in bed, Usagi worries about Mamoru. She tries not to think...


Act 17

(7190ab01)_x264.mp4 Usagi is very distraught to find out that Mamoru has a woman in his life. Minako faints in her new home. Kunzite declares his...


Act 18

(01cab1a3)_x264.mp4 Sailor Mars tells Sailor Venus off for getting hurt. After remembering the conversation in a car, Minako faints. Nephrite and...


Act 19

(69979130)_x264.mp4 The Dark Kingdom views Queen Metallia. Kunzite says some curious things and Queen Beryl questions whether he has lost his...


Act 20

(66646f97)_x264.mp4 The tiara that Nephrite stole was fake. Kunzite watches the whole scene and decides that he wants his own senshi. Ami is upset...


Act 21

(170b67f6)_x264.mp4 Makoto goes to the Tsukinos, but Usagi is staying home from school. On the way to school she remembers punching Tuxedo Mask in...


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