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Act 2

(34BA4F36)_x264.mp4 In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl fumes some more about Sailor Moon appearing. She gives Jadeite a youma stone to use to gather...


Act 3

(A73202E0)_x264.mp4 In Crown Karaoke, Luna runs a mini-quiz show for Ami and Usagi to see how well they know their mission as a senshi. Their mission...


Act 4

(D93F5015)_x264.mp4 At Crown, Luna reminds Mizuno Ami and Tsukino Usagi how important it is that Hino Rei works with them. In the Dark Kingdom, Queen...


Act 5

(xvid_6116f6c4)_x264.mp4 Ami becomes obsessed with the idea she now has friends and worries that she will do something inappropriate and lose them...


Act 6

(xvid_5b9d77e7)_x264.mp4 Usagi, Naru, Kanami and Momoko go to the park to watch a hot boy (Takeru-san) play basketball. When Usagi is left behind and...


Act 7

(xvid_e3ac5f32)_x264.mp4 Sailor Moon chases a youma at night, but gets tricked and Tuxedo Mask saves her once again. He gets injured and runs away...


Act 8

(xvid_a18cc181)_x264.mp4 Usagi is running late to a meeting she called. She wants the girls to help her make a costume of Aino Minako’s mascot...


Act 9

(xvid_1e1dca85)_x264.mp4 The morning news says Aino Minako is in London recording a new song. Tuxedo Kamen also announced to the media that he is...


Act 10

(xvid_2d0ee7b5)_x264.mp4 Rei thinks about her dead mother and the myth of the Princess Kaguya. Mama and Usagi have a fight over cheese in the...


Act 11

(xvid_b3a6d829)_x264.mp4 When Usagi shows up at Crown Karaoke, she asks where Mamoru is. Motoki explains that he was only there temporarily. Usagi is...


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