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Act 47

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The other girls plan a party for Minako. Minako runs into Usagi on the street and tells her that she is giving Usagi her new album as a present and hints that Usagi will hear it before hand. The girls discuss the fac...

Act 41

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Usagi and Ami discuss their report cards. Ami, as always, has perfect grades, but Usagi's is not so good. Naru asks what they should do for their summer homework, which is to volunteer. Nephrite is frustrated with th...

Act 46

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Motoki recovers the charm he dropped and realizes it is broken. Usagi realizes something is very wrong. Usagi finds nothing at the scene but a smoking ring and Luna, who collapses in her arms. Artemis is taking care ...

Act 45

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Ami and Makoto wait outside Minako's room while two nurses rush in. They decide not to tell Usagi the truth. Jadeite contemplates Zoisite's death when Mamoru appears. The stone in Mamoru's chest reacts again, forcing...

Act 50 (Special Act)

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While Usagi cooks breakfast, she tells what the other girls have been doing for the past four years. Ami has become a researcher and doctor in America. Rei has been training in the Kyoto mountains and her spiritual po...

Act 44

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Mamoru collapses in the Dark Kingdom, and Zoisite comes to help him. Queen Beryl mopes over the fact that Mamoru did not return to her like he promised in Act Forty-Three. She remembers the past life when she was shu...

Act 49 (Final Act)

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The senshi find themselves in a dark cave. Sailor Moon cradles Endymion in her lap. Queen Beryl appears and asks Moon why she always takes everything from her. Beryl says that Serenity is the true evil because she kil...

Act 43

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Sailor Mercury fights a youma at night. Sailor Moon joins the fight, and she is unusually agressive. When the youma flees, Moon comments that the youma have been increasing in number. The senshi discuss matters at Cr...

Act 48

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The senshi attend Minako's funeral. Usagi meets Mamoru on the bridge on the way back from school. He tells her that she doesn't have to smile when he's around and that it's all right for her to use the Ginzuishou. He...

Act 42

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Mio gloats about Usagi becoming Princess Sailor Moon again. Queen Beryl orders Jadeite to insert a stone into Mamoru's body. The senshi discuss the recent youma attacks. Usagi believes that it's her fault because sh...

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