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3. Sailor Moon SuperS Movie Black Dream Hole [Subbed]

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Somewhere in Europe, Poupelin plays a song on his flute to hypnotize children, following him into a mysterious ship before sailing off into the sky. Meanwhile, Usagi Tsukino, Chibiusa, and the other girls bake cookies...

2. Sailor Moon S Movie Hearts in Ice [Subbed]

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Princess Snow Kaguya arrives on Earth in an attempt to cover the world in ice, after her initial failure several years ago. A piece of her comet has been lost and she cannot proceed without it. She sends her minions, ...

1. Sailor Moon R Movie Promise of the Rose [Subbed]

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In his youth, Mamoru hands a mysterious boy a rose before he disappears, vowing to bring Mamoru a flower. In the present day, Mamoru meets up with Usagi Tsukino and the Guardian Senshi at the Jindai Botanical Garden. ...