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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 39 – Infinity 12, Infinite–Journey [ENG Sub]

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Just as Sailor Saturn is about to swing the Silence Glaive, Usagi liberates the power she amassed to deal a fatal blow on Pharaoh 90. As Pharaoh 90 attempts to escape by a portal back to the Tau Solar System, Sailor S...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38 – Infinity 11 Infinite–Judge [ENG Sub]

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Usagi and Chibiusa defeat Mistress 9 with their combined attack, and the latter merges herself with Master Pharaoh 90. The Sailor Guardians and Mamoru attack Pharaoh 90, but fail. Pharaoh 90 breaks the Outer Guardians...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37 – Infinity 10 Infinite–Upper Atmosphere [ENG Sub]

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Master Pharaoh 90 begins to merge with Earth to turn it into the next Tau System, but Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto project a barrier to contain him. Mistress 9 tries to leave Hotaru's body, but Hotaru still lives...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 36 – Infinity 9 Infinite Labyrinth 2 [ENG Sub]

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Enticed by the power of Chibiusa's Legendary Silver Crystal, Master Pharaoh 90 destroys the Taioron Crystal and prepares himself for his advent. The Sailor Guardians then split up to search the building, with Usagi ac...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35 – Infinity 8 Infinite Labyrinth 1 [ENG Sub]

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The Outer Guardians insist that the only way to retrieve Chibiusa's soul while preventing Sailor Saturn's awakening is by killing Hotaru, and depart to do so. Mamoru stays behind to keep Chibiusa alive with his powers...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 34 – Infinity 7 Transformation, Super Sailor Moon [ENG Sub]

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The power of the Legendary Holy Grail breaks the Sailor Guardians free from Cyprine and Ptilol's spell and they lend their power to Usagi, who transforms into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the witches. As the Talisman...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 33 – Infinity 6 Three Guardians [ENG Sub]

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Sailor Pluto reveals that she was revived by Neo Queen Serenity and returned from the future by her request. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto explain their mission to Usagi, who transforms into Princess Serenity. Mugen Acade...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 32 – Infinity 5 Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meioh [ENG Sub]

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Setsuna investigates disruptions in the spacetime. Master Pharaoh 90 summons Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite, demanding them to obtain more Hostes for the Taioron Crystal, whose power is weakening, and the power of Sail...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 31 – Infinity 4 Sailor Uranus, Haruka Tenoh; Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaioh [ENG Sub]

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Usagi and the others question Sailor Uranus and Neptune about their objectives, but Uranus states that she and Neptune are not their allies, and the two of them attack the group. Luna reveals that the two of them were...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 30 – Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers [ENG Sub]

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Usagi realizes that the Sailor Guardian she met was in fact, Haruka. The Sailor Guardians, Mamoru and Hotaru have the same ominous dream regarding the three talismans and the destruction of the city. Mimete, the secon...

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