The other girls plan a party for Minako. Minako runs into Usagi on the street and tells her that she is giving Usagi her new album as a present and hints that Usagi will hear it before hand.

The girls discuss the fact that they haven’t told Usagi about Minako’s surgery. Ami says that she think it was Usagi and not Serenity who used the Ginzuishou to heal the victims of Metallia, but it’s possible that Usagi might become Metallia.

Minako is going to an examination before her surgery. Artemis decides to come with her. Minako was going to give Artemis a sample of her next album. She suprises him with a Jack-In-The-Box. She leaves for her examination without him.

Metallia is becoming too strong for Queen Beryl. She instructs Jadeite to use a youma to separate Metallia from the Earth. He protests about the effects, but Beryl tells him it is better than letting the Earth be destroyed.

Mio gloats that Mamoru will probably die the next day. Mamoru says that Beryl will never rule the Earth, nor will it be destroyed.

Nephrite’s power has returned, but he is distracted by the money Motoki lent him. Motoki teases him about liking Ami, but Nephrite refuses to answer him. Before the situation can get worse, Makoto arrives.

The girls decorate their secret room. Artemis is worried that Minako didn’t come back from her exam.

Luna tells Usagi about the party and Usagi agrees to come despite her reservations.

Rei arrives at the temple and finds Artemis on the steps.

Jadeite begins the process of extracting Metallia’s power. This results in a group of weak youma.

Usagi, Makoto and Ami arrive to stop the youma but have difficulty getting through the weaker youma which appear.

Mamoru absorbs Metallia’s power into himself. Kunzite is in the woods by himself, still recovering from his seperation from Beryl, when he sense Metallia.

Rei arrives to help the others, obviously upset. When the youma is destroyed, she breaks down completely, uttering Minako’s name.

Minako left a note for the other senshi, which they read.

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