Motoki recovers the charm he dropped and realizes it is broken. Usagi realizes something is very wrong. Usagi finds nothing at the scene but a smoking ring and Luna, who collapses in her arms.

Artemis is taking care of the children whose parents collapsed while he waits for Reito return.

Mamoru decides to destroy Metallia before the stone drains him of all his energy. He turns to find Rei, who was transported to the Dark Kingdom by Mio. Mamoru asks about Usagi and Rei says that Usagi is smiling like Mamoru told her to.

Usagi can’t get ahold of the other senshi as she tries to nurse Luna back to health.

Makoto wakes up in Minako’s hotel room. The youma knocked her free of the blast and escaped. Makoto is disappointed, as she decided that reason that she should be alone is that so no one is sad if she dies to comples the mission of the past life.

Rei tells Mamoru to escape the Dark Kingdom, but Mamoru refuses. Rei claims that she will ignore the past life, but Mamoru tells her that it won’t go away even if it’s ignrored.

There are not enough rooms in the hospital for everyone who was attacked by the youma. Makoto declares that she will definitely destroy the youma next time, but Minako is mad that Makoto nearly killed herself. Makoto says she doesn’t fear dying because she believes the senshi will be reborn again if they die. Minako admits now she knows how Rei feels, and asks Makoto who Motoki is, because Makoto had been saying his name in her sleep. Minako tells Makoto to consider the present life as well, and Artemis comes by to tell her to come with him.

Luna wakes up and tells Usagi that the others want to make it so Usagi doesn’t have to fight.

Jadeite discovers that Rei is in the Dark Kingdom and attacks. Mamoru tells Rei that he has to settle the past life in order to live in the present and transports Rei back to earth. As soon as he does, the stone reacts again.

The youma attacks more people and Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars arrive to attack.

Artemis takes Minako to Rei’s temple. The two children whose mothers were attacked are singing C’est La Vie.

Makoto rushes to fight the youma and finds Motoki has collapsed next to the stand where her bought her good-luck charm. Before he goes completely unconscious, he gives her the charm.

Artemis says that Minako isn’t a weakling and he wants her to live.

Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are not strong enough to take on the youma by themselves. Their combined attack is thrown back at them, trapping Mercury and leaving the others without enough strength the stand.

Minako arrives on the scene and the others are amazed as she awakens her senshi powers and transforms into [[Sailor Venus]. She forces the youma out into the courtyard and smashes it with Rolling Heart Vibration, which is enough to force Metallia to leave it. Sailor Moon arrives and together the senshi are able to destroy the youma with the Moonlight Attractive Attack.

As Serenity plays her harp, the victims begin to recover, including Naru.

Minako decides that she will have the necessary surgery.

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