Ami and Makoto wait outside Minako’s room while two nurses rush in. They decide not to tell Usagi the truth.

Jadeite contemplates Zoisite’s death when Mamoru appears. The stone in Mamoru’s chest reacts again, forcing more of him into the painting.

Mio laments how boring it has become in the Dark Kingdom while [{Queen Beryl]] swears that she will not let [{Queen Metallia]] destroy the earth. Metallia’s youma has gotten stronger.

There aren’t many students remaining in Usagi and Ami’s class. After class, Usagi wants to visit Minkao, but Ami lies and says Minako has too many visitors already. She also lies and says that she’s busy and Rei is busy with the temple.

Minako laments that she’s too weak to help the senshi. Artemis wants her to tell the other senshi about her illness and undergo the surgery to fix it. Minako tells him that if he’s not going to help her, then he should leave. He passes Makoto on the way out, and Minako realizes she has heard everything.

Rei admits to Ami that she has known about Minako’s illness. She thinks Minako is foolish for not getting the surgery. Artemis shows up at the temple and agrees.

Minako tells Makoto that she plans to fight until the very end. Makoto understands the desire to give up everything in order to fight.

Motoki and Nephrite go shopping for supplies for Crown Karaoke. Motoki stops to buy a good-luck charm for Makoto and Nephrite decides he wants to buy something for Ami.

Several women collapse at Rei’s temple and many more collapse downtown as Metallia’s youma attacks again. Makoto and Minako both sense the youma. Rei tries to get to it, but runs into Mio instead.

Minako and Makoto try to transform, but Minako finds out that she’s unable to transform into Sailor Venus. Sailor Jupiter tries to fight the youma herself, but it is too strong.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna arrive, but even their combined attack is too weak to destroy the youma. It escapes to a courtyard where it is possessed by Metallia herself. Usagi can feel the Ginzuishou react.

The youma attacks again, knocking Ami and Luna out of their transformations. With Minako still unable to transform, Sailor Jupiter grabs onto the youma and acts as a lightening rod. There is a massive explosion and Motoki drops the good-luck charm he had purchased earlier.

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