Mamoru collapses in the Dark Kingdom, and Zoisite comes to help him.

Queen Beryl mopes over the fact that Mamoru did not return to her like he promised in Act Forty-Three. She remembers the past life when she was shunned by Endymion in favor of Serenity. Jadeite sucks up and Zoisite comes to beg to save Mamoru. Beryl tells him that if he kills Usagi, she will spare Mamoru.

Usagi tells Luna that she is going to visit Naru in the hospital. Luna is glad, because she fears that there will be a fight at Crown Karaoke.

Nephrite makes a mess at Crown again, and Motoki starts to chastise him. Ami diffuses the situation by offering them both some of her poorly baked cookies. Nephrite pronounces them as “nasty” but stuffs his face with them until Ami laughs.

Minako arrives at Crown and tells Rei that she isn’t needed anymore. Rei leaves without a fuss, saying that she will continue to fight, but not for the past life.

Naru is still unconscious and Usagi contrasts her still form with the way she normally acts.

Kunzite tells Zoisite that he plans to escape the Dark Kingdom. Now that Beryl is distracted by Endymion, he thinks he can break her curse.

Zoisite creates a youma and sends it to attack Usagi.

Mamoru is already aware that Kunzite has left. Zoisite says that he will remain with his master.

The youma attacks Usagi, but her TeletiaS won’t work. She transforms into Sailor Moon but the youma is too strong. Metallia’s youma appears as well.

Mamoru discusses Zoisite’s deal with Beryl. He says that he doesn’t treasure his life more than anything, and Zoisite shouldn’t either.

The senshi minus Mars, appear to help Sailor Moon, but have just as much trouble with the youma.

Sailor Moon chases after Metallia’s youma and is attacked from behind, but Zoisite steps in to save her. The youma surprises him with a spike attack and impales him.

Zoisite’s youma is defeated, and Sailor Venus collapses.

Zoisite returns to stone form, and his stone cracks and disappears. Kunzite has successfully freed himself from Beryl.

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