Sailor Mercury fights a youma at night. Sailor Moon joins the fight, and she is unusually agressive. When the youma flees, Moon comments that the youma have been increasing in number.

The senshi discuss matters at Crown Karaoke. Luna is worried because the victims of Metallia can’t be revived, not even by the Ginzuishou. To revive them, Luna thinks they will have to destroy Metallia, and she thinks that the youma that fled in Act Forty-Two may be linked to Metallia.

Zoisite confronts Jadeite about what he has done. Jadeite tells him that Queen Beryl is his master. Beryl swears that Endymion will be hers eternally.

Usagi can’t sleep and stares at her Moon Phase. She asks Luna why Beryl would do something so horrible to Mamoru if Beryl loves him.

The moon and Metallia pulse with a red glow. Serenity has awoken again while Usagi sleeps and plays a harp on the roof of a building. Luna calls to Usagi, and she regains control of her body.

Beryl is worried that Metallia will have too much power and destroy the Earth. Mamoru volunteers to go to Serenity and help Usagi surpress her. He asks Beryl to stop the stone that’s draining his life, and she refuses. She tells him that she’s draining him because she won’t give him to the Princess.

Mama asks Usagi about Mamoru over lunch and tells her to bring him over. Usagi quickly excuses herself from the table.

Rei declares that she’s sick of the past life.

Usagi gets extremely frustrated, and Serenity takes over again.

Minako discovers that the workers in the studio have collapsed and runs out.

Mio tells Mamoru that she’ll stop the stone temporarily, but it’s the last time he’ll get to see Usagi.

The senshi find more people collapsed on the street and spot the strong youma. A new youma appears with a group of weaker youma.

Mamoru finds Serenity playing her harp at the top of a long staircase. Mio appears as well, but Usagi confronts her and Mamoru and Usagi leave on Mamoru’s motocycle.

The senshi are having difficulty defeating the youma, and Sailor Venus appears. Sailor Mars tries to talk to her, but Venus insists that it’s not time to talk.

Usagi realizes that Mamoru has taken her to the beach where they collected sand for Shin. They try to talk, but the youma that attacked Sailor Mercury before appears. Mamoru changes into Endymion. During the battle, Sailor Moon is extremely aggressive, and Endymion realizes what is happening.

Venus nearly collapses during the battle with the youma, and shrugs of Mars’ assistance.

Usagi and Mamoru defeat the youma. Mamoru tells her that its her feeling of anger and hatred that cause the Ginzuishou to react. She can’t become like Serenity, otherwise Metallia will grow stronger.

Mamoru completely ignores the fact that Beryl told him he only had until the end of the day with Usagi. Zoisite mourns the fact that he appears to be throwing away his life and Kunzite fears that Mamoru will abandon the planet for Usagi.

Rei challenges Minako because Minako still hasn’t awoken her power of the senshi.

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