Usagi and Ami discuss their report cards. Ami, as always, has perfect grades, but Usagi’s is not so good. Naru asks what they should do for their summer homework, which is to volunteer.

Nephrite is frustrated with the cleaning jobs Motoki keeps giving him. Ami and Usagi come in the middle of an arguement between the two. Motoki butchers Nephrite’s name again and Nephrite grabs Motoki, but Makoto walks. Makoto mistakes the fight for a break-in and throws Nephrite. Motoki explains that Nephrite isn’t “bad” just lonely and angry.

Rei thinks Minako is too obsessed with the past life. Makoto thinks the past life is important as well, and Rei remembers Makoto talking about how Makoto knew she would be alone.

Usagi, Naru, Ami and Makoto volunteer at a daycare and play with the children. They all dress up in animal costumes. Ami and Usagi plot to get Makoto and Motoki together.

Ami tells Motoki that a new turtle species has been spotted near the daycare. He runs out of Crown, leaving Nephrite in charge. Nephrite, annoyed at being called a silly nickname, makes a mess in his anger. Ami tries to help him clean it up, but he flashes back to her helping him as Dark Mercury and runs away,

Usagi leaves Makoto alone to clean outside, and she spots Motoki lurking outside, looking for the turtle Ami mentioned. Makoto is still against dating Motoki.

Adults start fainting around the daycare, and the girls try to maintain control. Makoto realizes that one little boy, Shota, is missing. She goes to find him, and Motoki helps. Shota-kun has climbed a tree and can’t get down, so Motoki has to help him.

Naru and Usagi find more unconscious people. Makoto calls to say they have Shota-kun. She and Motoki start to bring Shota-kun back to the daycare, but youma attack them. Youma also attack Naru and Usagi. Both Makoto and Usagi decide to transform.

When her fight is over, Makoto explains to Motoki that she has to keep fighting.

Usagi hides Naru and continues to fight the minor youma. She uses Moon Healing Escalation, but the youma transform into a stronger youma. None of her attacks seem to have any effect. The Ginzuishou begins to shine.

With the youma still attacking, Sailor Moon can’t concentrate and she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon. She uses her Princess Star Attack, which causes a lot of collateral damage. When she deflects the youma’s attacks, she has no regard for the safety of Naru or Sailor Jupiter.

When Usagi sees how she hurt Naru, she realizes how much power she had.

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