Minako says that her time is running out, and she can’t waste what’s left, so she’s going to quit singing.

Usagi tells the others that Mamoru joined the Dark Kingdom to prevent the Earth from being destroyed.

Jadeite reports to Queen Beryl, although it is clear that he’s no longer absolutely sure of his loyalty. She tells him that he’s the only one she can trust with Endymion.

Minako sets up a meeting with Shacho in a restaurant. Shacho doesn’t listen to Minako though, and she ends up agreeing to do another commercial.

Artemis goes to contact Rei.

Shacho announces to Minako that her photoshoot has been cancelled, and instead will be going to Mars Reiko. Minako tries to pretend that it doesn’t bother her.

Mamoru spots Nephrite working for Motoki at Crown Karaoke. Mamoru laughs at the ridiculous nickname Motoki gave Nephrite (Nephikichi-kun). Motoki runs away after a death glare from Nephrite. Nephrite begs Mamoru to take him back to the Dark Kingdom, but Mamoru refuses.

When Minako hears that Rei will get the new song as well, she decides that she wants to sing again.

Shacho sets up a match between the two Idols, with Usagi and Luna on Minako’s team and Makoto and Ami on Rei’s. They compete in such bizarre events as bean moving, “sumo wrestling” and plate spinning. Each time one team wins, the balloon over their team leader expands. Finally, Minako’s bursts, covering her with powder.

They have one final event, a “swordfight” with balloons and nerf bats. It ends with a free-for-all.

Minako records her new song “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.” More youma attack Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Luna.

Minako asks Rei if she did all that to make her sing again. Rei tells her that she was annoyed Minako was so focused on the past life and not the present. Rei says that if she were Minako, she would go for the surgery. Minako says she doesn’t understand the seriousness of the mission and runs away, crying.

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