Princess Sailor Moon has a flashback to when Endymion is struck down. She screams his name, and the force of her wail destroys the Moon and Earth.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru that Serenity and Metallia’s powers are the same.

The Princess tells the other senshi to stay away and then teleports to a rooftop. She decides that fate will not let them be together no matter what.

Luna and the others realize that the Ginzuishou reacts most strongly to Usagi strongest feelings and that the youma are getting stronger. Artemis and Minako also realize the connection between the Ginzuishou and Metallia.

Inside Usagi’s consciousness, Serentiy and Usagi discuss Endymion.

Motoki and Nephrite bump into each other, literally. Motoki demands that Nephrite help pick up the bags he knocked over, but Nephrite refuses. Nephrite causes a major scene in a parking garage and attacks a police officer.

Jadeite is confused as to who he’s supposed to serve, and Kunzite tells him that he will remove the source of confusion before storming off. Zoisite follows.

Mamoru offers Kunzite a deal, if Mamoru wins a duel, then Kunzite will help him for awhile. Zoisite tries to stop the duel, but Endymion tells him not to interfere.

Serenity fears that she might destroy the world again. Usagi reappears on a rooftop and several youma attack. She transforms and destroys them.

Endymion manages to land a glancing blow on Kunzite’s arm. The Shitennou appear to Usagi on the rooftop with Endymion, and Endymion draws his sword on Sailor Moon.

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