Usagi receives a lecture on why the Prince and Princes can’t be together, but the other senshi decide that if Usagi won’t do as they say, they might accept it and do their best not let their love cause a repeat of the past.

Jadeite asks Zoisite why he defied Queen Beryl. Zoisite says that he should remember the past life, but Jadeite insists that his only master is Beryl.

Ami goes home to an empty home. Her mother left her a message that she will be working the hospital for two days and that she is very proud of Ami’s mock test scores. Ami leaves a message back that she will work hard to be a doctor like her mother.

Rei also comes back to an empty home, but greets the photo of her late mother.

A youma forms from flowers during the night. Sailor Mars arrives to defeat it, but she only manages to scar it before it retreats. Ami arrives, but the youma had already gone. The two of them are stopped by a police officer.

Kunzite is worried that Queen Metallia’s powers will fall into Beryl’s hands.

Ami and Usagi discuss the possibility that the police might call Ami and Rei’s parents. Usagi gets a message from Mamoru and Mio snatches her cellphone. Naru tries to stop her, but Mio uses her powers. Ami also gets a message, this one from her mother, telling her to stop at the hospital on the way home.

Motoki is surprised to see Mamoru back in London. Mamoru and Usagi go out and Usagi finally gives Mamoru the scarf.

Ami meets with her mother at the hospital. The police did call Ami’s home, and Ami’s mother is concerned about the way Ami’s friends are affecting her. She also worries that she’s not home often enough to take care of Ami. She wants Ami to transfer schools.

Rei’s father’s personal secretary comes to pick up Rei for a meeting with her father. Rei says she wants nothing to do with her father and runs into the shrine.

Ami tells the others that her has already scheduled an interview with a new school. She doesn’t know how to talk to her mother, and Rei can’t understand why Ami won’t just tell her mother “no”. Before they can get into a real fight, Makoto and Usagi step in and suggest they all go out for sweets.

Along the way, a hired car drives up, and Rei’s father himself comes to get her. She tells the others to go without her. She tells him that he’s not her father because he left her to be raised at the temple. He didn’t come to the hospital when her mother was ill. He says he had work and that’s why he couldn’t be a father to her. He slaps her when she says that her mother shouldn’t have married him, but she tells him that he’s the reason she was unhappy. Rei senses a youma and tells her father never to speak to her again.

It is the same youma Rei fought at night and it remembers the burn she gave it. The youma retreats when Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Luna arrive.

Rei’s father orders his secretary to bring Rei, even if she refuses. Ami’s mother waits for her so they can go to the interview, but Ami runs away.

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