When Makoto goes to Crown Karaoke, she finds that Motoki has hurt his arm while moving into his new apartment. Makoto says she’ll bring him some of the curry she’s making.

Luna has Makoto eating all the foods she hates, like potatoes. Rei wonders if it will really work, but Makoto is willing to try anything to awaken her full powers.

Nephrite goes to see Zoisite. He asks whether Zoisite is the only one who remembers the past, and Zoisite tells him that while Jadeite remembers nothing but Kunzite has remember the whole time. Zoisite tries to help Nephrite remember as well.

Usagi comes home to an all-potato dinner and Mama gets a call from Kenji-Papa.

Motoki awkwardly invites Makoto to the movies as thanks for the curry. Makoto doesn’t want to go, but Luna tells her it’s training. Makoto tries on the outfits stored in everyone’s TeletiaSes, but she gets frustrated and decides to go as she is.

Motoki tries to compliment Makoto by telling her that she’s feminine, and Makoto gets a little embarrassed. Makoto tries to leave, but Luna shows up and makes her stay.

Makoto and Motoki go for a walk along the shore. Makoto says that she doesn’t like Motoki “that way”, and he leaves.

Usagi, Rei and Ami are completely surprised to find Motoki walking alone.

Makoto is attacked on the beach by a youma and some weaker followers. She calls the others and transforms.

Jadeite reports to Queen Beryl that youma are appearing in the city. She wonders if this is caused by Queen Metallia.

Sailor Jupiter is having difficulty dispatching the major youma. The others are held up by more minor youma.

Sailor Jupiter realizes that she’s not going to have any help, and that she needs to figure out how to defeat the youma on her own. The trees begin to move and as she gathers her power a thunderstorm rolls in. The others arrive just in time to watch her use and immensely powerful Supreme Thunder.

She tells the others that she heard on the wind that she had to be alone. The reasons for what is happening in their current lives were decided in the past.

Nephrite cannot remember anything. Nephrite accuses Zoisite of making up the past life, but Zoisite calls Mamoru to them. Kunzite arrives soon after and Jadeite lurks behind him in the doorway.

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