Kunzite tries to drag Dark Mercury away from Sailor Moon’s body, but she only crawls back. He teleports all three of them away.

When Kunzite arrives in the Dark Kingdom, Sailor Moon and Dark Mercury aren’t there. The two are de-transformed and in a forest, near a waterfall. Usagi wakes up while Kunzite observes them from afar.

Ami is reluctant to follow Usagi out of the forest, despite Usagi’s protests that she wasn’t injuried. Ami realizes she’s still wearing the Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet and throws it away. Ami does not have memories of what she did.

Kunzite places a black bishop on a chessboard, blocking two white pawns. A youma appears in front of the girls and Usagi realizes she can’t transform. Ami is still reluctant to run, and Usagi has to drag her.

Luna tells Rei and Makoto what happened, but falls asleep mid-conversation. Rei decides they have to talk to Sailor Venus, and tells Makoto that she knows where Venus is.

Kunzite continues to play with the senshi, adding another piece to the board. The disturbances shake the Dark Kingdom, and Queen Beryl wonders what he’s doing.

Minako is having a radio interview, but Artemis goes with Rei and Makoto to the building where Usagi and Ami disappeared. The subspace within the building is disturbed and the doors are not connected to what they should be.

Ami is still reluctant to go with Usagi, and Usagi calls her in an idiot. Usagi says that Ami should trust the senshi, because they would never hate her. Ami says it was the senshi who were bad friends because they all went their seperate ways.

Kunzite continues to block the senshi, and Nephrite watches. Finally Ami realizes that in order to get out of the forest, they need to go back to where they came in. Rei and Makoto make it to the hall where the subspace portal was and the senshi are finally back together again. Kunzite and his youma appear, and the senshi transform.

After some fighting, Sailor Venus appears and tells the senshi to combine the powers of the Sailor Star Tamborines. Sailor Moon’s Moonlight Stick returns to being whole. The senshi attack with a very powerful attack called Moonlight Attractive Attack. The youma is destroyed and Kunzite appears to retreat.

Instead, he teleports behind Sailor Mercury and tries to kill her, but Nephrite blocks his blade, saying that he (Nephrite) wanted to get in Kunzite’s way. Both teleport away.

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