Nephrite attacks Dark Mercury but is stopped Kunzite. In the following battle, Nephrite’s cape is torn. Queen Beryl is disgusted and tells Nephrite to get out of her sight.

Hina packs for London while Mamoru goes out.

Kunzite stops Zoisite is playing and tells Zoisite not to awaken Endymion.

Usagi sees Mamoru on the street and is so distracted she nearly gets run over by a car. Mamoru saves her and they enter Crown Karaoke together. Motoki asks Mamoru if Usagi and friends should be invited to his farewell party.

Usagi tells Makoto that she’s decided to forget Mamoru and that it’s more important to get Ami back.

Nephrite mopes in the Dark Kingdom and Dark Mercury approaches him. Instead of mocking him, she gives him a new cape, telling him that she doesn’t like seeing him alone.

Mamoru goes to throw his tuxedo away, but Zoisite calls him. Mamoru has a few flashes of the destruction of the Earth. Zoisite tries to make him remember more, but he refuses.

Hina calls Mamoru and he tells her that he’s at the Science Building and that he’s coming home, but Kunzite appears behind him. Hina rushes to Crown, asking if Motoki has seen Mamoru. Usagi and Makoto overhear her saying that the last thing Mamoru said was “Kunzite”.

Usagi and Makoto rush to the Science Building while Kunzite and Mamoru have a one-sided fight. Kunzite chases Mamoru around the building until he traps him on a sound stage. A youma chases all the civilians out of the stage.

Usagi and Makoto arrive at the building and are attacked by the youma. They transform Sailor Jupiter distracts the youma so Sailor Moon can run to save Tuxedo Mask.

Kunzite taunts Tuxedo Mask for awhile. He blames Tuxedo Mask for something and tells him that Endymion betrayed the Shitennou and that’s why the planet was destroyed. Tuxedo Mask is no match for Kunzite, but Sailor Moon and Zoisite arrive. While Kunzite attacks Zoisite, Sailor Moon gets between Kunzite and Tuxedo Mask.

Kunzite charges an exceptionally strong beam, but Sailor Moon manages to turn the energy around on him and uses a stronger Moon Twilight Flash. As he escapes, Kunzite realizes that Sailor Moon is not what she seems.

Sailor Jupiter is having trouble with the youma, but Sailor Mars arrives. Their combined blast destroys the youma.

Usagi is still upset that she can’t find Mamoru and limps away to find him. When Tuxedo Kamen calls her an idiot, she realizes who he really is and removes his mask.

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