Makoto goes to the Tsukinos, but Usagi is staying home from school. On the way to school she remembers punching Tuxedo Mask in the face and telling him to stay away from Usagi.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite holds his own black rose.

Ami isn’t at school either, and Makoto stops by her home. When the door doesn’t open, Makoto lets herself in and finds a sick Ami huddled on the bed.

After finding out Ami’s mother is in Europe, Makoto sets about nursing Ami. After eating, Ami seems much better, and asks to go to the local amusement park to Makoto’s complete surprise.

The two go on a bunch of rides and Ami buys balloons. Ami rides the Carousel alone, and Motoki comes over to talk to Makoto. While they talk, Ami collapses.

Motoki drives Ami and Makoto to the hospital. Makoto doesn’t know who to call since everyone seems to be on their own. Motoki tries to cheer Makoto up and then leaves.

Mamoru has one more month before he goes to London for college (Saint Forge University).

Queen Beryl is becoming impatient about Kunzite’s plan and wonders what he is working at. Kunzite tells her that they’re after the same thing, the resurrection of Queen Metallia. When he leaves her audience room, he crushes the dark rose.

Makoto rushes to Ami’s room, but she’s gone. Ami is walking away, leaving a trail of dark rose petals and violence behind.

Ami comes to an abandoned building where Kunzite is waiting. Makoto tries to figure out where she’s gone, and uses the power of the trees for a clue. The trees lead her to the abandoned building, where the dark rose petals are swirling outside.

When Makoto finds her, Ami is dazed. Makoto transforms and tries to fight off Kunzite, but he calls Ami to himself. Her smile is not normal and he tells her to transform.

The senshi watch in horror as she turns to Dark Mercury.

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