Usagi is very distraught to find out that Mamoru has a woman in his life.

Minako faints in her new home.

Kunzite declares his alliance to Queen Metallia, not Queen Beryl. Jadeite appears before Beryl again.

Usagi’s class is learning to knit. They are supposed to choose who to give their piece to. Ami chooses to give hers to her mother. Usagi decides to give hers to Tuxedo Kamen.

It’s the anniversay of Rei’s mother’s death and she goes to church. Minako is also at church.

Jadeite and Nephrite discuss Sailor Venus and Kunzite.

Makoto goes yarn shopping with Usagi, but can’t get Usagi’s mind off of Tuxedo Kamen.

A dog is found at the church, and Minako and Rei rush to help. After awhile, Rei realizes who Minako the Idol is.

Rei senses a youma aura and runs out. She transforms and the youma runs away with her chasing.

Luna alerts Ami, Makoto and Usagi that the youma is at the church and they take off running. Usagi runs into Mamoru and his girlfriend. She drops her knitting and finds out that his girlfriend is not only pretty, but nice as well.

Sailor Mars is having difficulty with the youma. Minako catches up and transforms despite Artemis’ warning not to.

Sailor Venus is hit and goes down. Mars runs to help her but Venus insists she should go after the youma instead.

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