Sailor Moon is still suffering from Kunzite’s attack.

Queen Beryl tells Kunzite that she had discarded him, but she needs him now. Nephrite is annoyed with Kunzite’s insolence and tells Kunzite that he was a mistake, but Kunzite puts a sword to Nephrite’s throat to quiet him. Kunzite makes it quite clear that he has no intention of being one of Beryl’s lackeys.

The senshi are decorating Crown Karaoke for the New Year. While they celebrate, Usagi collapses. Luna tells the others that the only one who can change a youma back to a human in Sailor Moon herself and they’ll just have to trust in Usagi’s inner power. Kunzite’s horned symbol appears between her collar bones.

Makoto rushes out to look for Kunzite, Rei goes to her shrine and Ami is left to take care of Usagi. Mamoru helps Ami carry Usagi to Ami’s house.

Usagi’s condition continues to worsen. Ami calls Usagi’s house and lies about Usagi staying over. Naru comes over and Ami lies about Usagi, her forceful attitude confuses Naru.

Kunzite teleports Usagi out of Ami’s home and Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury to go after her.

Kunzite tries to force the rest of the transformation, but Mercury interupts him. Kunzite absorbs her attack and beats on her a bit before coming in for the kill. Mercury calls upon the power of water to make a temporary sword to block his final blow.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive and attack, but Kunzite absorbs their attacks as well and defeats them. He goes back to finishing the transformation of Sailor Moon, but Usagi hears her friends voices and goes back to normal.

Tuxedo Kamen joins the fight and distracts Kunzite long enough for Sailor Moon to attack and force Kunzite to retreat.

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