Sailor Venus told the senshi that she has things she must do as the Princess and they should protect the Earth instead of her.

When Nephrite reports that Zoisite’s last words were “Master Endymion”, Queen Beryl modifies his memory. She then produces a white rose and announces that she must awaken the final Shitennou.

In his apartment, Mamoru muses over his memory and what Zoisite called him. He gets a call from Motoki; Kamekichi has gone missing.

Usagi, Mamoru and Motoki go to a house where a turtle like Kamekichi was found. The house is run down and creepy and Usagi and Motoki are frightened when a man appears in one of the windows.

The young man who found Kamekichi feels like he’s met Usagi and Mamoru before. His name is Shin and he has no memories of the past. He like flowers, greenery and nature, but he is frightened of the outside world. Usagi wants to help him.

She calls Rei, but Rei, Ami and Makoto are busy with New Year’s preparations at the shrine. She goes out to look for things to help jog Shin’s memory and Mamoru follows her. She doesn’t have enough money to buy much, but gets a white rose, some post cards and Mamoru takes her to the beach to get sand. Usagi also buys a bun to share at the beach.

Shin sits alone in his house while Beryl changes her white rose to black. Shin is no longer there, and a school girl gets attacked by being choked with a stand of hair.

Mamoru delivers the items he and Usagi gathered the next day. Shin expresses his fear that he’s not human and begins to change. Mamoru flees and prevents Usagi from entering the house.

At a concert hall, the girl who was attacked earlier begins changing into a youma. Sailor Moon arrives but the girl continues her transformation.

When Mamoru enters the house again, Shin has fully turned into Kunzite and destroys the white rose. Beryl’s rose has fully bloomed and she realizes that Kunzite has awoken. Kunzite attacks Mamoru and disappears.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation to defeat the youma without harming the girl. She sees the hair around the girl’s neck.

Kunzite enters the scene and attacks. After knocking Sailor Moon to the ground, he blows a strand of hair around her neck which sinks into her skin, before disappearing. When Sailor Moon rises, it is clear she is becoming a youma.

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